Friday, January 04, 2013

Dreams, wishes, plans ...

Sitting in dappled sunlight, well my left foot is. It's a new year again, 4 days in, little aunty marg's birthday today, happy birthday to someone I fondly remember. There's a breeze, the titch, titch, titch of crickets, a pleasant rumble and clickety clack of a train crossing the bridge and heading on westwards. A plane roars out, off to some far distant place. Birds rasp, chirp and whistle. Now a train coming east approaches and clatters over the bridge, a nice sound I think.
So here we are in 2013. Our Ruf is currently asleep on top of the BBQ, very relaxed and peaceful. We made it, through 8 weeks of, well, through 8 weeks. Feeding tube gone, jaw working well, now it's just healing and a few more things that we can come to when we come to them.
Happy. Enjoying this moment, and that's what I hope the most for 2013 - enjoy the moment, and make the most of it. Make plans and enjoy them.
So my plan today is Les Mis, shopping, lunch, Bunnings maybe. Tonight I'm cooking my second 15 minute meal, thanks Jamie, the Thai chicken lahksa was very yummy, but more like 45 mins! But that's ok, just need to do more prep, so that means it really isn't 15 mins??!
Days 1,2 and 3?
1 was the last of tube feeding, collar changing, the leash! Lunch - very good roast potatoes! And beef, pork, salads, strudel. Driving up to SASH, then an evening, the first in 8 weeks, that didn't have a night feed. Felt amazing.
2 was waiting, waiting, progress reports, and finally success. Picked up Ruf at 5.30, now just 7 days of meds.
3 saw me lolling a bit! Poor uv had to return to work, but I spent the day checking on Ruf who was enjoying next doors garden and later and who later curled up and slept all afternoon in a corner of their shed. I washed, read, snoozed, talked on the phone, shopped, cooked, watched the first almighty johnsons, season 2. Not bad, eh?

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

New discovery: Bloglovin

Follow my blog with Bloglovin

I've just discovered Bloglovin and I'm experimenting with it. Just have to add some code to my blog so that I can claim it as mine ... here goes.

Seems to be a nice way to manage your blog subscriptions. I currently use Google Reader in my iGoogle page, but I'm always up for a new idea!

Discovered this after reading a post from one of my fave knitting blogs, a friend to knit with, who was featuring a guest blogger from a blog that is new to me, tentenknits.

Thursday, August 04, 2011

And again, it's August!

Not a windy day like last year but sunny, fresh and full of the promise of summer. I walked under a long, shady stand of Moreton Bay Figs at lunchtime, enjoying the cool shade, while yesterday I was looking for as much sun as possible.

Here are some images I took last year in New York on a day that felt very similar to today ...

Wish I was there right now!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

It must be August

Someone today remarked that a friend born in August was given the middle name Gail ... made me smile .. perhaps they spelt it Gale, or even Gael ... but a whimsical nod to the windy month of August.
Here are some Etsy treasures that are all about the wind ....

Dark forest - digital art Print
{lovely illustration from a cute little shop called Matilou from Lyon}

Print, The grey wind
{just how it is now, in Sydney, from here - how about that, another one from France}

upcycled palm tree clutch in gray
{lovely clutch, palm trees buffeted by the wind, from here}

750 words poetry

Is it me or is this one of those crazy online moments that appear spontaneously, full of meaning and intent where none was intended. These were my most frequently used words in my writing tonight on 750 words:

bit blogs 
feel first get here
just keep like looking
my nearly nice night
nose not now 
still tired tonight up

Not so sure of the meaning or intent (that sounded like a good way to describe a random collection of words drawn from my prose) - not sure what 'my nearly nice night nose not now' is but it is pleasingly alliterative!
As it's now a quarter past midnight, the last bit is spot on - 'still tired tonight up'

Hmm, will keep checking this little phenomenon over the next wee while!!

Found :: little houses

It's been a while since I dropped in a few nice finds. It's late, I'm nearly asleep but I can't resist sharing these  ...

Victorian house card

Victorian house tea towel - my fave kitchen tea towels right now are always red + white

Victorian house storage

And these little treasures
Windowsill Neighbours...Pair of Miniature Cottages...Green and White
Windowsill neighbours
november X / original painting on canvas
November X
Vintage Fabric Applique House Pillow

Vintage Fabric Applique House Pillow

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I'm a 750 page turkey!


3 In A Row
Actually I'm now 4 in a row, so what will I be tomorrow?